Chloramine-T CAS NO. 127-65-1

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Chloramine-T CAS NO. 127-65-1

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Chloramine-T CAS NO. 127-65-1

Chloramine-T is a widely used antiseptic and disinfectant in veterinary medicine. It is a stable compound that releases chlorine to effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and fungi. 

  • Item NO.:

    CAS NO. 127-65-1
  • Color:

    White crystal powder
  • Package:

    25 Kg/Drum


Chloramine-T is commonly utilized for wound irrigation, sterilizing instruments, and disinfecting surfaces in veterinary clinics. It demonstrates good residual activity, making it suitable for long-lasting disinfection. With its broad-spectrum antimicrobial properties and ease of use, Chloramine-T is a valuable tool for maintaining cleanliness and preventing the spread of infections in veterinary practices.






White crystal powder

Content %

99% Min

Active chlorine %

24.5% Min





Iron  ppm

5 Max

Heavy metal ppm

5 Max



chloramine t disinfectant

Pharmaceutical industry to prepare sterilization agent, determination and indicator of sulfonamide drugs; this product(Chloramine-T) is external disinfectant, which kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and sprouts. Its principle of action is that the solution produces hypochlorous acid to release chlorine, has a slow and lasting bactericidal effect, can dissolve necrotic tissue. Suitable for drinking water, food, all kinds of utensils, fruits and vegetables disinfection, wound surface, mucous membrane washing. As a medicine, it is used for wound washing, mucous membrane disinfection, drinking water disinfection and medical equipment sterilization.1-2% aqueous solution is generally used for wound detergent, the concentration of mucosal disinfectant is 0.1-0.2%, and the drinking water disinfectant is 1:250,000.



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