Origanum oil CAS NO.8007-11-2

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Origanum oil CAS NO.8007-11-2

Origanum oil application

Origanum oil CAS NO.8007-11-2

Origanum oil is safe, efficient, and green, with no contraindications other advantages of pure natural active ingredients of Chinese medicine additives with a high degree of, after adding in the feed can play a feed compensation, anti-bacteria, and other multiple effects.

  • Item NO.:

    CAS NO. 8007-11-2
  • Color:

    Yellow to dark reddish brown liquid
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Oregano oil, also known as wild peppermint oil, is a yellowish-red or brownish-red volatile essential oil extracted from the plant Origanum vulgare of the family Labiatae. It has a pungent aromatic odour similar to thyme and is miscible with mineral oils. It is insoluble in glycerol but soluble in ethanol and most non-playing oils and propylene glycol.



Oregano oil price

Oregano oil, when mixed with feed additives such as enzymes, organic acids, amino acid chelates, and common antibiotics, has a synergistic effect. This mixture has strong surface activity and can quickly penetrate the cell membranes of pathogenic microbes, resulting in microbial water imbalance and death. Yeast class is not suitable for this purpose. Long-term feeding can effectively reduce pathogen infection on luminal epithelial cells, promote nutrient digestion and absorption, and improve feed efficiency.Additionally, it is effective in treating acute gastrointestinal bacterial diseases and has some efficacy against coccidiosis.



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