Potassium Sorbate CAS NO. 24634-61-5

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Potassium Sorbate CAS NO. 24634-61-5

Potassium Sorbate price

Potassium Sorbate CAS NO. 24634-61-5

The antiseptic mechanism of potassium sorbate is to combine with the sulfhydryl group of the microbial enzyme system, thus destroying the role of many enzyme systems, which can inhibit the growth of moulds in the feed, especially the inhibition of the formation of aflatoxin has a very significant effect, and it is a commonly used feed preservative.

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    CAS NO. 24634-61-5
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    White granule
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Potassium sorbate, also known as potassium 2,4-hexadienoate, occurs as white to pale yellow flaky crystals, as crystalline particles, or as crystalline powder. It is either odorless or has a slightly foul odor. It readily absorbs moisture from the air over a prolonged period, causing oxidative decomposition and changing color.








White granule







Loss on drying /%


Pb w/%




Potassium Sorbate application

Potassium sorbate can combine with sulfhydryl groups in microbial enzyme systems, destroying these systems and thereby inhibiting microorganism proliferation.  This characteristic makes it an effective preservative and mildew inhibitor, with myriad applications in the food industry, feed processing industry, and cosmetics industry. At the same time, it is one of the least harmful food additives, making it suitable for widespread use.



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