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Glucosamine CAS NO.3416-24-8

Glucosamine price

Glucosamine CAS NO.3416-24-8

Glucosamine is formed by condensation of glucose and chitosan. Incorporating glucosamine into animal feed offers numerous advantages, especially in terms of feed utilisation.

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    CAS NO. 3416-24-8
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    White to Off-White
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Glucosamine, an amino monosaccharide that occurs naturally, is a derivative of glucose that is soluble in water and hydrophilic solvents. It seldom exists independently in living organisms but serves predominantly as a constituent of chitin, glycoproteins and proteoglycans.






White Crystalline Powder

Specific Rotation(25℃)

+70.00°- +73.00°

Residue on Ignition


Organic volatile impurities

Meet requirement

Loss on Drying








Heavy Metal










Bulk density


Tapped density




Total plate count

MAX 1000cfu/g


MAX 100cfu/g





Staphylococcus Aureus




Glucosamine application


Glucosamine is a condensation of glucose and chitosan, which contains amino and hydroxyl groups in its molecule. As an important immune enhancer, glucosamine can improve the immunity of animals and promote the body's ability to resist diseases. Specifically, glucosamine can promote cell division and proliferation, increase the number of leukocytes in the organism, improve the sensitivity and activity of immune cells, and increase the production and release of antibodies at the same time. In addition, glucosamine can promote the growth and reproduction of probiotic bacteria in the intestinal tract, regulate the balance of the intestinal flora, and improve the health of the intestine, thus reducing the growth and reproduction of intestinal pathogenic microorganisms and preventing the occurrence of intestinal infection and diseases. At the same time, glucosamine can also improve the antioxidant ability of animals, reduce the damage of free radicals to the organism, so as to improve immunity and health effects. Adding glucosamine to feed can improve the feed utilization rate of animals and increase the digestion and absorption of feed.



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