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Sodium Hyaluronate CAS NO.9067-32-7

Sodium  Hyaluronate price

Sodium Hyaluronate CAS NO.9067-32-7

Sodium hyaluronate has been used in human medicine in the past, but now it has been proved to be an excellent feed additive for feed and pet food additives to improve the condition of bones and coat of animals.

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    CAS NO. 9067-32-7
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    White or almost white powder or granule
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Sodium hyaluronate, also known as sodium vitrate, is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. It is a high molecular weight mucopolysaccharide composed of glucuronic acid and acetylaminohexose that polymerizes into a high molecular weight straight-chain structure.






White or almost white powder or granule

Sodium hyaluronate




Molecular weight

0.80M~1.20M Da



Loss on drying


The bulk densit

Measured value

The tap density

Measured value

Residue on Ignition






Heavy metal




Bacteria counts


Molds &Yeasts


Staphylococcus aureus


Escherichia coli







Sodium hyaluronate application

Sodium hyaluronate is rapidly absorbed and widely distributed throughout the body. Adding this product to animal feed can replenish water in the body and improve bone and joint function while also protecting the gastric mucosa. Its potential applications in feed and pet food additives are extensive.



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