Sodium Chloride CAS NO.7647-14-5

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Sodium Chloride CAS NO.7647-14-5

Feed grade Sodium Chloride

Sodium Chloride CAS NO.7647-14-5

Sodium chloride is a commonly used feed additive in feed, which has multiple roles such as maintaining the osmotic pressure of extracellular fluid and regulating the acid-base balance, which is essential for sustaining life activities.

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    CAS NO. 7647-14-5
  • Color:

    A white crystalline powder or colourless crystal
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Sodium chloride is an inorganic compound with ionic properties, occurring as colourless cubic crystals or fine crystalline powder. It has a salty taste, dissolves easily in water and is highly deliquescent.






A white crystalline  powder or colourless crystals or white pearls

Loss on drying

Not more than 0.5%



Appearance of Solution



Not more than 0.0002%




Not more than 0.0002%

Magnesium and alkaline-earth metals

Not more than 0.01%


Not more than 0.005%




Not more than 0.02%

Heavy Metals

Not more than 0.0005%


Not more than 0.00002%




Not more than 0.0025%


The absorbance is not more than0.01

Bacterial endotoxins

Not more than 2.5IU/e

Microbial limit

Not more than 100cfu/g





Sodium Chloride price

Chloride and sodium ions exist mainly in bodily fluids and soft tissues to maintain osmotic pressure, regulate acid-base balance, and control water metabolism in animals' bodies. These essential mineral elements promote normal growth and development in animals, and adding sodium chloride to their feed can enhance these processes. Additionally, sodium chloride provides a salty flavour, making feed more palatable for animals. However, it is important to ensure that the sodium chloride content in the feed is neither insufficient nor excessive, or it may adversely affect the growth and development of animals.



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