Lincomycin HCL CAS NO. 859-18-7

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Lincomycin HCL CAS NO. 859-18-7

lincomycin hcl monohydrate

Lincomycin HCL CAS NO. 859-18-7

Lincomycin HCL is a lincosamide class antibiotic used in veterinary medicine to treat bacterial infections in animals. It works by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis, thereby stopping the growth and reproduction of susceptible bacteria. It has broad-spectrum activity against gram-positive bacteria, especially anaerobic bacteria. Lincomycin HCL is commonly used to treat respiratory tract infections, skin and soft tissue infections, bone and joint infections, and intrauterine infections.

  • Item NO.:

    CAS NO. 859-18-7
  • Color:

    White or white crystalline powder
  • Package:

    25 Kg/Drum


Lincomycin HCL belongs to the lincosamide class of antibiotics.It works by inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis, specifically by binding to the bacterial ribosome and preventing the formation of peptide bonds.This action ultimately leads to the suppression of bacterial growth and reproduction.






A white crystalline powder


Meets the Requirements

Clarity of Solution


Colour of Solution

≤No.1 Yellow or Yellow To Green

Bacterial Endotoxins






Acetone Residual Solvents


1-Butanol Residual Solvents


Lincomycin B




lincomycin veterinary

The antibacterial activity of Lincomycin hydrochloride is primarily directed towards Gram-positive bacteria, certain anaerobic bacteria, and fungi. However, its spectrum of antibacterial activity is comparatively narrower in comparison to ery.

Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, pneumococcus, pneumococcus and septicus are sensitive to this product, but enterococci are generally resistant to this product; anaerobes such as Bacteroides, Tenteri, Clostridium Chemicalbook, Clostridium feri, and digestive coccus are also sensitive to this product.

The primary application of this medication is for the treatment-positive bacteria, particularly those that are resistant to penicillin. It is commonly used in cases of chronic respiratory diseases in poultry, asthma in pigs, androtic enteritis in chickens resulting from anaerobic bacterial infections.

Additionally, it is employed for the management of pediatric typhoid fever characterized by the presence of red spots and infections caused by Toxoplasma gondii.



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