Iron Dextran CAS NO. 9004-66-4

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Iron Dextran CAS NO. 9004-66-4

Iron Dextran benefits

Iron Dextran CAS NO. 9004-66-4

Iron dextrose has the advantages of low toxicity, stability, good solubility and high iron content, so it is widely used as iron supplements in pig farming, with high market potential.

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    CAS NO. 9004-66-4
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    Brown or brownish black crystalline powder
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Iron dextrose is brown or brown-black crystalline powder, odourless, slightly soluble in hot water, insoluble in ethanol. 5% aqueous solution is a dark brown colloidal solution with a pH of 5.2-6.5.



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Iron is an essential element for the synthesis of haemoglobin and myoglobin, and most of the enzymes related to the tricarboxylic cycle contain iron; timely and sufficient iron supplementation for iron-deficient animals can improve the health status and immunity of animals, and increase the growth rate. Therefore, iron dextrose is widely used in the prevention and treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in piglets. In addition, nutritional anaemia in piglets often interacts with dysentery, and intramuscular injection of iron dextrose in newborn piglets can significantly improve the prevention and treatment of dysentery in piglets.



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